Kelly Kaltsi is a Greek singer, performer and songwriter. Her music often blends elements of indie pop, alternative pop, and electronic, but also and mostly on her latest projects, jazz and retro pop features.

Early Life

Kelly was born in Agrinio near the provincial capital of Patras. As a child, she became interested in singing and performing and was always included in all school activities and performances. At age eleven she started learning to play the piano with her father, a musician that was her first teacher, and at this time started writing her own songs. Additionally, she attended a private music school where she studied Theory of music and voice placement. At the age of fifteen, she started organizing local festivals and concerts, in connection with the Municipality, often participating in these events.

Kelly was a sports lover from a young age. She got involved in many sports, such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, but her real passion was track and field’s sports. At the age of eighteen, she moved to Komotini to study gymnastics and fitness in sports, with a specialty in Athletics, Aerobic & Tennis, at T.E.F.A.A Komotini University of Thraki. According to Kelly, studying of sports and the human body helped her to understand more about rhythm and the body’s reactions to musical stimuli.

In 2004, after graduating, she moved to Athens to study the theory of Greek & Foreign music, repertoire, performing techniques and music production at Fame Studio, Antenna Group Corporation. In 2007 she furthered her skills at the Athens National Music School, where she studied contemporary music and voice placement until 2012.


During her studies Kelly started doing warm-up performances, collaborating with artists such as Despina Vandi and George Mazonakis. In 2008 she took part in the Greek X Factor where she was one of the finalists. This gave her the opportunity to work alongside some of the biggest artists in the Greek music industry. In 2009 Kelly went to Australia for two concerts and returned three months later. After returning Kelly decides to release her first EP “Psaxno” and later this year “Empty April”.

In 2010 she decided to make her own team and start working on her new project “Follow The Light”. This project consisted of four musicians: a guitar player, a piano player, a bass player, a drummer, a VJ, a DJ and a sound engineer. They were involved with presentation of her new unreleased songs, video art (projection of video clips, pictures, words, mottos, lyrics etc), alternations of original songs and adaptation to several personal music influences and preferences, covers of songs introduced by Portishead, Placebo, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald,  Cardigans, Rem, Duffy, Pj Harvey, Garbage, Nancy Sinatra, Moloko, Michael Jackson, Armin Van Buuren, Amy Winehouse, The Editors, Carlos Santana, Patty Smith, Florence and the machine, Archive, Radiohead, Tori Amos, Hooverphonic, Massive Attack, the Beatles, Etta James, Electric Empire and many more, combination of Electro music (Dj) and vocals, spontaneous interaction with the audience during the show, acting on stage, monologues expressing views, opinions, thoughts, feelings, experiences, encouragement and involvement of the audience in a conversation to share their own feelings, thoughts and experiences.

“Follow The Light” Project was presented to the best and most comprehensive music venues with great success.

In 2010 Kelly was the central figure of the fashion show of Stelios Koudounaris in AXDW.

“Follow The Light” project was presented in Faust Bar Theatre Arts with great response and unexpected success and at the same time Kelly collaborated with singers/ songwriters Stelios Rokkos and Dimos Anastasiades in Asteria Glyfadas concert venue. They continued touring together Greece until April 2012

2012 – 2017
Kelly is back in Athens and working with DJ and producer George Spiliopoulos aka DJ GSP, and becomes the resident singer of Athens’ top alternative club The Apartment Athens Club while traveling to perform in Cyprus and Dubai. She also works with other established DJ’s and producers (Dj ELIOT, Sugarhouse / Sugarhouse Feat. Kelly Kaltsi – Take Your Time, V-sag Feat. Kelly Kaltsi – Again)

Her third single “Toxic Butterfly”  is released in 2015 by 14music in collaboration with musician and producer ELIOT (Amour records)

In 2016 Kelly collaborates with Harry Selevos and co-write the single “I Love You” that is released by 14music. In the summer of  2016, she starts her appearances in Mykonos, at the world-famous venues at54 lounge club and Jackie O’, as well as the multi-award winning Kensho Boutique Hotel.

While continuing her successful collaboration with The Apartment Athens Club, they also perform their show in Madrid at the Kluster Dance & Nightclub.

June 2017, “Utopia “ is released by Queen House Music and in July the single “Danger Zone”  is a bold experiment with different sounds and new partners in crime: Dimitris Funkyfly Stamatiou, Yianna Terzi, Aris Kalimeris and Minus2Studio.

Continuing her successful performances in Mykonos for a second season in several venues (180’ Sunset Bar, At54 Lounge club, Sale e’ Pepe, Kensho Boutique Hotel and Suites) she goes in the studio to record “Rapture” (ELIOT Feat.Kelly Kaltsi – Rapture) and “Let the Music Play” (ELIOT Feat.Kelly Kaltsi – Let The Music Play), both for Queen House Music. November 2017, return to Athens.

Kelly presents her new project “Kelly Kaltsi One Woman Show” for which she performs cabaret and jazz music in a stunning and sophisticated show. She is also the resident performer at Caffe Il Fratti Bar –Restaurant and at David Nightclub and at the same time records a series of remixes of classic jazz songs called “The Black & White Sessions”

2018 – Present
Kelly managed to perform and successfully continue collaborations  with the most exquisite venues of Mykonos Island and Athens ( 180′ Sunset Bar, Kenshõ Psarou, Nammos Village, Mykonos Princess boutique hotel, Krama Restaurant /Semeli Hotel, At54 Lounge Club, Sale e’ Pepe Italian Restaurant, I Fratti Mykonos, The 21 Restaurant bar /Athens, Woowoo /Athens, Zurbaran/Athens, The Gand by Interni /Grand Hyatt Athens ) and to participate on several exclusive private events worldwide with great success ( Dubai, Lebanon, Madrid, Mexico)

Her 6th single is expected to be released early this year.