Why should you study the history of our country?

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I am currently writing a biography about The journalist Andrew Roth. The survey respondents did not know that freedom of speech was protected by the First Amendment — and the majority of respondents did not know about the fact Woodrow Wilson was president during World War I. Topics: The troubling results prove how "American history education isn’t functioning, as students are being asked to learn dates, dates, and events and the results of the poll indicate aren’t being retained into older age," Levine said. Twentieth century British as well as Commonwealth History British Monarchy and the Post-War Commonwealth Post-war British decolonization especially on Africa Post-war African political system. "Based our findings the issue is not an issue of the fact that high school teachers are properly prepared, nor do children are learning about American history at high school," he added. "The response to both of these questions is yes. Dr Simon Trafford.

This is a question of the way you teach American history. Director of Studies , and lecturer on Medieval History. Today, it is often dull and stripped of its ability to understand the tangled present and uncertain future." Biography. Why should you study the history of our country?

Simon’s interests span the archaeology and the history of the first half of medieval Europe, c.350-1150. Why should you study history? Anyone who is considering taking a course in history should think about this. He specializes in late Anglo-Saxon England and particularly in York and Northumbria, as well as the Kingdoms of Northumbria and York and focusing specifically on the theme of migration, identity and gender. For a history course it is essential to be interested in the past, but this should not be the sole reason to study history. Recently, he’s been developing projects that deal with various kinds of human interactions with the ocean and water during the first half of medieval Britain. It is equally important to understand the significance and significance of the past.

He also has a keen interest in contemporary constructions and appropriations from the early medieval period with a focus on depictions of the vikings as popular characters. The historical value is The value of history is questioned. In the present, when the emphasis is largely on the present and future the importance of history is often in doubt. 7 Reasons It’s vital to learn History . A lot of people are skeptical about the value of historical research in practical terms. I remember when a lot of teenagers in high school complained about the history class, however, they did not comprehend all the advantages of studying history. Many question the importance and value of studying events that occurred in the past. They were not aware of the is the huge impact that our history could have on us in the present.

Some people believe that history has no or no impact on their lives or on the world of today. And they didn’t know how history education can influence our future. There are those who doubt the significance of a degree in history on the job market. 1 Learn to Understand the society. These issues are all worthy of consideration, especially for students who are interested in history.

Of all the motives to study the past of them all, this is perhaps the most crucial. It is important to know the reasons why you chose to study history. What can we do to be able to comprehend our society without knowing what shaped it? The events and the people who created the person we are today are vitally significant. As a historian you must be able to justify and explain these motives.

2 Learn to Understand Change. This page provides a few brief details about the importance and essay significance of studying the history of our time. In addition to understanding the structure of society and the way we live, history gives us an understanding of what drives changes. It could be helpful to people who are considering a history course, or for teachers or parents who advise youngsters about the importance of studying history.

The events leading to the two World Wars help us understand how one small incident can cause a massive number of changes. John F Kennedy as a young student of history at the college. We can use the history of the past to look at how life has changed through the years and what factors contribute to the process of creating that change. The field of history requires a variety of abilities. 3 Gives a sense of identity. A lot of people who have an unfavourable or dismissive view of the past believe it is simply recollection and memorizing of dates and facts and nothing else. It’s not surprising that websites such as Ancestry.com are so well-known.

They believe that it is just knowing what has was happening during the time. The public is interested to know where they come from. Anyone who has studied the subject at a higher level will be able to tell you that there’s more to it. What blood is flowing through their veins?

Do they have any interesting family story? Understanding the background of your family’s history is important for some people in getting a sense of belonging.